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Interactive whiteboards are now being widely adopted in primary and secondary educational settings, gradually replacing traditional tools like blackboards, whiteboards, and projectors during lessons. The increasing popularity of smart boards and interactive whiteboards among educators, teachers, and schools is due to their remarkable flexibility, functionality, and accessibility. GreenIT, in collaboration with top online retailers of interactive and smart whiteboards, are here to highlight the numerous benefits of interactive whiteboard teaching and guide you on integrating smart boards into your classroom.

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Get more out of your class time

  • All SMART Interactive Flat Panels include free, no subscription needed, software and interactive engagement tools. These include SMART Notebook, graphic organizers, and digital manipulatives
  • SMART Interactive Flat Panels with iQ (our MX and 6000s models) provide seamless interaction with student devices, allowing for fun whole class activities that maximize all the technology in the classroom
  • Our Interactive Flat Panels are designed to accomplish tasks more quickly and easily with their designed-for-education software
  • SMART Interactive Flat Panels offer the industry’s leading touch technology with simultaneous tool differentiation, meaning more students collaborating together! With SMART Ink, teachers and students can write directly into PDFs, websites, and files, as well as access fun classroom tools like spotlights, stamps, and magnifying glasses!

Popular Devices

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  • Powerfully simple
  • 55 “ , 65”, 75” and 88” display
  • 20 points of touch
window screen
GX Series
  • Basically brilliant
  • 65”, 75” and 88” display
  • Built-in Android 8 computing
  • 20 points of touch
off screen
6000S Pro
  • Best in class
  • 65”, 75” and 88” display
  • Built-in iQ Android with essential apps
  • 40 points of touch
  • Integrated Microphone Array

Technology Tailored to Teachers

Technology and visual input are essential to today’s learning environments. Besides helping get information across quickly and efficiently, integrating screens into learning programs helps maximise focus and minimise distraction in your classroom.

Newline puts intuitive tuition tools at your fingertips, helps teachers build an engaging, dynamic learning environment and brings efficiency to your classes. Inspire students to participate and interact and give proactive learning a boost!

 Take your classes to a whole new level.

Chromebooks, experience
including affordable
refurbished options

Welcome to the world of Chromebooks – where simplicity meets efficiency.
These sleek and lightweight laptops, running on Google’s Chrome OS, redefine
computing with a focus on speed, ease of use, and a hassle-free experience

Whether you’re a student, professional, or anyone seeking a straightforward computing solution, explore the capabilities of Chromebooks and discover a new level of productivity. Plus, consider the cost-effective option of refurbished Chromebooks, providing an affordable entry into the world of efficient and reliable computing.

Chromebooks are used by50 million students and teachers every day
and have transformed many classrooms around the globe from lecture halls into maker spaces, research centers and collaboration hubs.

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