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LocknCharge Putnam 8 Mk1 Charging Station w/Lightning Cables – UK/EU

Designed to charge, store and secure 8 iPhone or iPad Devices. Putnam 8 Charging Station feature colour-coded LED displays so you know when your devices are charged.

  • External Product Dimensions: 375 mm (L) x 311 mm (W) x 378 mm (H) |11.3 kg
  • Dimensions of each slot: 215 mm (L) x 274 mm (W) x 31 mm (H)

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Designed to charge, store and secure 8 iPhone or iPad Devices. Putnam 8 Charging Station feature colour-coded LED displays so you know when your devices are charged.

Quick Benefits

  • Charges 8 iPhone or iPad devices simultaneously
  • Colour-coded, external charging status displays
  • Wall mountable and stackable
  • Integrated mechanical combination lock
  • Pre-wired with 8 MFi approved lightning cables
  • Fully welded steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty

External Charging Status Display. With the Putnam Charging Station, it’s easy to see the charging status of each individual device–even from across the room. Each slot is tied to an external, LED back-lit number that shows if a device is charging (red), charged (green), or not plugged in/missing (no light).

Kiss Those Tangled Cords Goodbye. It’s virtually impossible to tangle the charging cables in the Putnam Charging Station. The cords are just the right length to reach each device–no more, no less, no mess.

Setup is Easy Peasy. Putnam Charging Stations are pre-wired with 8 or 16 MFiapproved lightning cables for iPad devices. Just take the unit out of the box, program the lock, plug it in and start charging.

No Worries, No Keys! With an integrated mechanical combination lock, there are no keys to worry about. We’ve also included a master override key in case of forgotten combinations.

Save Time by Sharing Responsibility. By assigning numbered slots to every device user, each person can take
ownership of plugging in their device. Plus, with the red and green charging status lights, it’s easy to take care of any
unplugged or missing device issues with minimal effort.

Multiple Configurations. Combine a Putnam 8 with a Putnam 16 to charge 24 devices–or utilise two Putnam
16’s to get to 32 slots. To save space, stack two Putnams on top of one another. Or if congestion around the station is your main concern, simply place multiple Putnams in different areas of the room to spread out the distribution of devices.

Efficient. With 2.4 amp charging at each port the Putnam Charging Station can charge devices simultaneously.

Stackable. Stack two Putnam Charging Stations on top of each other to save even more space. An optional pedestal is available to provide easier access to the bottom slots.

Case or No Case. Slot dimensions are optimised to work with most cases and covers.

Itty Bitty Footprint. The Putnam only takes up as much desk space as a sheet of scrapbook paper. Now that’s compact!

Safe Power Management. Once a device’s charge goes from red to green, the Putnam stops charging. This
ensures that devices are not overcharged, increasing their longevity.

Tough as Nails. Fully-welded steel construction and a built-in mechanical combination lock make this charging station ultra-secure. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty.


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