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The sustainable IT procurement strategy for your organisation – available through the public procurement frameworks

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Sustainable IT for a circular economy

Within government, ICT has been proven to be a key component for any solution to the global climate crisis. Procuring carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops means your organisation will be one step closer to achieving ‘net zero‘ carbon.

Our remanufactured HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops are already at the centre of the circular economy, that are up to 40% less of the price, which immediately benefits public resources and planetary reserves.

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Our laptops all go through the same BSI Kitemark™ certified Circular Remanufacturing Process, meaning every laptop has a complete inside-and-out refresh – guaranteeing consistent premium quality in large volumes with every laptop.

The awarding of the BSI Kitemark certifies that our process produces products ‘equal to or better than new‘ as required by the BS standard BS8887-220 and BS8887-211.



The OGP (Office of Government Procurement) endeavours to reduce procurement costs and achieve better value for money; GreenIT and Circular Computing can supply laptops are available through the Irish Public Sector framework and can benefit not only your organisation, but also the planet.

We can work as a direct supplier, as part of a mini-competition or with your existing supplier, should we need to work through a framework agreement.

Case Study Examples


Like the Irish public sector, the UK has many ambitious targets to achieve net zero. We’re proud to have helped many organisations in the UK public sector achieve their IT procurement and sustainability goals. From health care to defence and justice, to education, local authorities and national parks, we’ve supported a wide range of government departments, agencies and authorities lower their carbon emissions.

Each Circular Computing remanufactured laptop avoids 1,200kgs of previous resources from being mined, saves 190,000 litres of waters and avoids 316 kgs of carbon emissions by not buying new. This has helped organisations like the Ministry of Defence contribute to their Net Zero 2050 ambition.


The East of England Ambulance Service has Solved their triple corporate, operational and IT procurement strategies In one package via Circular Computing.

The price point, being below what was previously available to them, has delivered significant cost savings. This was a key factor alongside performance, quality and availability.

In addition, this sustainable IT procurement contributes to the NHS’s overarching Sustainability Strategy of embedding sustainability in procurement decisions and decarbonising their supply chain.

Neil Godfrey, Deputy Chief Information Officer of EEAST stated: 

“We will increase efficiency and effectiveness in purchasing and logistics so that we can provide the best possible value for money and maximise the amount spent on direct patient care.”


Kent County Council Is making a significant effort towards bridging the digital divide and have partnered with Circular Computing to provide over 4,500 Carbon-Neutral, Remanufactured Laptops to residents in need.

This innovative collaboration is not just about digital inclusion; it’s about doing so sustainably, ethically, and with determination. It’s about choosing remanufactured tech – equal to or better than new – and drastically reducing CO2 emissions, water extraction and resource mining.

Kent County Council were delivered a bespoke product sourced for the project – a Lenovo Yoga 11e. The laptops were remanufactured and sent to KCC’s reseller warehouse for dispatch to the end user directly.

Sam Lain-Rose, Digital Lead, Kent County Council : 

“Digital Kent’s scheme, as part of our Financial Hardship programme showcases our commitment to supporting the people of Kent currently facing digital exclusion. It’s been a tough few years for residents and we wanted to make sure we reach as many individuals as possible through our projects. Partnering with Circular Computing has enabled us to do just that with better value devices as well as helping Kent be more sustainable.”

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Many organisations within the UK public sector have already decreased their IT estates with “Remanufactured” laptops.


The way we address procurement for the public sector, much like the rest of our company, is based within the circular economy and with one thing in mind: sustainability; without compromising quality.

With our unique remanufacturing process, when you want to upgrade or change to newer machines, we can take back the previous products to begin the remanufacturing process all over again.

Our remanufactured laptops are certified carbon neutral plus, helping reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and contribute towards Ireland’s Climate Act of net zero by 2050′ and can be included in an organisation’s Scope 3 report.

We also invest into reforestation, carbon reduction and clean energy projects that create significant social value, in-keeping with environmental policies that pass on to your organisation.

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Our laptops are carbon neutral plus because, for every computer we sell, we plant five trees – helping to create sustainable communities and reduce climate change. It is a story that can really bring people together, galvanising interest and support across organisations.

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