CES 2018 : The Weird And Wacky

The Weird And Wacky Blog Post

Once again thousands of people descended on Las Vegas for the worlds biggest tech show. The Annual event took place last week between 9-12 January. Massive companies showed up to display their new products and show us what the future of tech will be.

Samsung arrived with their new Wall TV, a new MicroLED 146″ TV that is so big they call it a wall.

The Weird And Wacky Blog Post
The Weird And Wacky Blog Post

Razer’s Project linda concept also was a very popular exhibit. This Laptop powered by a smartphone could possibly be the future of all personal computing.

These products will be the big sellers in the future, and many other big company brought their A-game to the show. 

Some products though go beyond the norm.

Here are our 5 favourite outlandish gadgets that appeared at CES 2018:

1.AEE Selfy

In todays world where everyone is addicted to selfies this is the perfect product.

This Drone that doubles as a phone cover, detaches and fly up for the perfect selfie.

While being somewhat ridiculous, this product actually shows some potential and is a nice piece of future technology.

This is still a concept, but with over a million dollars raised through indie gogo this has the potential of taking off.

The starting price currently is $109 which is steep for a glorified phone cover, but if it was to become main stream this price would potentially drop.

The Weird And Wacky Blog Post

2.Teslasuit VR

VR is the future of video games and technology, we have known this now for a few years.

The immersion of VR is significantly heightened by the Teslasuit. 

The suit contains a feedback system to simulate injuries and reactions which are occurring in the VR experience. e.g. if you get shot in the game you get a shock in the suit.

It can also change to cold or hot to reproduce the VR environment.

The price of the suit has not been released yet but I assume it will be on the expensive side.

While this is an incredible piece of tech, I can’t help but feel it may not become commercially successful, not in this form anyway,

Having to put on a full body suit may not seem feasible to anyone wanting to experience VR.

The Weird And Wacky Blog Post

3.CX-1 Self Driving Suit Case

For me, pulling a suit case around the airport isn’t a big deal, but ForwardX robotics believes we need self driving suit case, and who am I to say otherwise.

The CX-1 uses a combination of facial recognition, auto-follow capabilities and object avoidance to navigate through the airport by your side.

With a top speed of 7 mph this piece of luggage should be well able to keep up with the fast pace of a busy airport.

Again this is just a concept currently but could launch as early as this summer, but with the large quantity of tech on board I assume it will have a hefty price tag.

The Weird And Wacky Blog Post

4.Evone Smart Shoes

This gadget, while ludacris, has some real potential use in the future of technology.

The Evone smart shoes can detect when a user falls over.

This would be very useful for elderly people who may fall and need help.

But these shoes from the future won’t come cheap if you want to buy a pair for your granny.

They start at around $150 and then a monthly service for the fall detection would potentially cost a further $20 a month.

So, for the time being, keep an eye out in case your grandparents take a tumble.

The Weird And Wacky Blog Post

5.Somnox Robot Pillow

For me, this is one of the strangest gadgets on show at CES 2018.

The Somnox is a kidney shaped cushion which breathes.

The idea of the pillow is that it will match up with your breathing and help you fall asleep, but for me it sounds like something out of a nightmare. 

The Somnox can also play white noise, lullabies and even play audio books to help you fall asleep,

And this nightmare pillow doesn’t come in cheap with a €499 price tag. This also has an indie gogo campaign which has raised over €200,000. 

Maybe this will become popular in the future but I don’t think I will be a consumer.

The Weird And Wacky Blog Post

CES 2018 threw up some crazy new products, and it shows that people can still think very far outside the box when it comes to technology.

As far as I can see the future is bright but also very weird.


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