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Cloudready – breath new life into your old machines

GreenIT in partnership with Neverware are delighted to bring Cloudready to the Irish market. This exciting product, backed by Google, makes it possible for old machines to get a new Chrome operating system. This operating system, which is based on the Google platform that we all know and love (Gmail, Google search engine, GDrive, Google […]

5 iPad Tips & Tricks

Apple iPads are wonderful devices which millions of people use every day both in work and at home. Their portability makes them a nice alternative to a laptop and their large display make them much more useful than a phone. Tablets are taking the world by the storm, but are you getting the most out […]

The Future Of Technology

Technology is constantly changing and improving our lives in various ways. This will hopefully continue and our lives will improve greatly with great tech advancements. In this blog I look forward to see what those advancements will be and how they will affect our day to day lives, and what are the advantages and disadvantages […]

5 Mac Tips and Tricks

Macs are very useful and powerful computers which millions of people use every day, and while you think you may be getting the most out of your computer, there are a few tips and tricks which you can implement to bring your Mac OS experience to a new level.

Whether you are using a MacBook pro, air, iMac or any mac computer these little tweaks will hopefully make your life easier.

5 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 is one of the most powerful and popular Operating systems on the market currently. Everyday millions of people use Windows 10 and if you are one of these people, we have a few tips and tricks which you probably didn’t know.

These little features that Microsoft have included in their OS will hopefully make life easier and make windows 10 a whole lot easier to use.

Essential Guide to buying a Laptop/PC

Everyone more than likely has had or will have the headache of buying a laptop or PC at some point in their life.

With the great variety of options and the complicated specifications can cause confusion and hardship when buying a new piece of tech.

This essential guide will go through all the bits and pieces you have to look out for when buying a laptop or PC.

How to get the most out of your iPad/iPhone battery

Everyone has experienced last minute rush to get to the charger before your phone finally gives up and runs out of battery. Smart phones and tablets can do great things but all this technology going into a small handheld device takes a lot of battery and can cause major headaches when you want to get something done.

Steps can be taken to minimize battery consumption and prolong your battery life before the next time your have to plug in and charge up.

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