Choosing New Hardware & Software? Here’s what to Consider…

Choosing the correct hardware and software for you and your business is important. Buying the correct equipment enables you to get the work done right. Computers consist of two main elements, namely hardware and software. Hardware is the physical elements such as the computer hard drives, screens, printers, etc, whereas Software is the interface that you use to perform certain actions on your computer.

Here are some basic tips on choosing what suits your needs.


Always Buy Legally

It is always important to buy legal hardware and software and to register the products that you purchase. Choose reputable IT sellers and avoid the fly-by-night resellers. By registering your software, you are often able to receive additional upgrades, service and support at no additional cost. If you are using Windows then you will need to register your Windows software in order to be able to download important service packs and updates.

What is the Computer for?

What function you want your computer to perform and who will be using it? Each computer should complement the user and the software that is being used. A solicitor, for example, will require different hardware components and software packages than say a Graphic Designer.

Take the time to consider what your needs are and purchase accordingly. Remember, only buy what you need and try to avoid additional gimmicks or add-ons.

Video and Displays

Your choice of monitor and display size must be tailored to your needs. If it is for basic office functions, a laptop would be ideal. However Graphic Design professionals and those in the gaming industry will need to have a dedicated video card, essential for video and graphics performance.

If you use a laptop as your main working computer, adding an external monitor can be a huge benefit than working from a smaller sized laptop screen. The extra desktop real estate can make an enormous difference in productivity.

Warranty and Support

Most general consumers can do with a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. As businesses expect to use their equipment for a lengthier period and at longer sessions, they should look for a warranty of 3 years or more. Ensure that there is tech support that can help with any difficulties you may have with your new IT. Downtime can affect business and if you don’t have back up, a professional support service can save you time and money.

Cost Saving

The right set of IT tools can set your business up for growth and increased productivity. To help you select the best technology at the lowest possible cost for your business, consider the following:

Are you getting positive results from your current hardware and software?

Do you need to replace any of your existing hardware with a more efficient model?

Is your new purchase a long-term investment?

Can you reuse any of your older equipment elsewhere?

Before making an investment in new hardware, GreenIT encourages everyone to consider the last point. Can you reuse any of your older equipment elsewhere?

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