How to speed up a slow iPhone or iPad

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad Blog Post

Everyone has experienced a slow phone or tablet, and while it isn’t a major issue in the grand scheme of things, it is a large hindrance in modern day life.

Just because your piece of tech is running slow doesn’t mean it’s passed its sell by date, it just means that you have to take a few precautionary steps to stop the slowness and hopefully make your life a whole lot easier.

1.Close Unused Apps

Having lots of apps running at the same time will cause your phone to slow down and cause you to lose your mind. When you use an application and you close it to use a different application or just close your phone, these applications will be still running in the background.

To combat this on an iOS device you just double click the home button and then slide to shut down apps which you are not using and apps which do not need to be running in the background.

If you have an apps running in the background they will take up your memory and slow down your device. Hopefully clearing these will speed up and unclogged your device so it will run smoothly.

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad Blog Post

2.Delete Apps

While the access to great applications from the app store, people, including myself, go crazy downloading applications that they will never use which will clog up their device. 

If you look through your device you will more than likely find apps which you have completely forgot about it and never use. These apps will be taking up your memory and also slowing down your device.

Apple make removing apps very simple, all you have to do is press the app icon you wish to delete for a few seconds until it starts to wobble, then from here, click the x on the top left corner of the app, this will delete the application. You can also go into setting, and go to general settings, then usage, then manage storage and you can delete any unused or unwanted applications from here.

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad Blog Post

3.Delete Large Files

Having your storage full can sometime cause your iPhone or iPad to be slow upon use. Your storage can become full with big files, mostly junk files, very quickly. 

Normally, Files such as pictures, videos and music can take up your devices space and cause it to slow down. Songs you never listen to or photos you never look at can be easily deleted to free up space on your device.

Whether it be from WhatsApp groups with a large number of people in it or just your large music collection, large files clog up you phone very quickly,

Hopefully if you clear some of these files, your phone will clear up a bit and run better.

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad Blog Post

4. Restart or Reset

Restarting your device can also speed it up. When you restart your device all temporary processes which are made by iOS apps will be removed automatically and will hopefully quicken your machine. 

You can restart your iOS device by holding the sleep/wake button and then sliding to power it off, then once its off, turn it back on again by pressing the sleep/wake button. 

You can also force restart your device by holding both the home and the sleep/wake button for at least 10 seconds.

Another, more severe option, is to factory reset your device to the default setting. This is a powerful tool as it will clear everything on your phone and reset it to the settings it had when you bought it first brand new. This is a good option as you will basically get a new product with the factory setting. The drawback of this method is that you will lose all your data which is on the phone, so make sure you backup your data before using this option.

Because you will lose all your data a factory reset is your last port of call to quicken up your phone, but if you do want to do this reset you go into settings, then in to general settings and then reset setting and choose Erase all Content and Settings.

While this method is drastic it will hopefully make your device feel as good as new.

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad Blog Post

5. Buy Refurbished

If you haven’t already, getting one of our refurbished iPhones or iPads is the best solution to our issue. 

We offer a large selection of both iPhones and iPads at great prices. 

For example our iPhone 6 16GB now only €349, while we have a great deal on our iPad Mini 2(WiFi) 32GB at €239.

All our phones come unlocked and both our phones and tablets come factory reset to their default settings.

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad Blog Post

Hopefully these few tips will help you out when it comes to your slow iPhone or iPad. If you follow these steps your device should be hopefully running as good as new and you not have any trouble.

Cheers, Gavin

For more information: Contact [email protected] or Call 1890 815 699

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