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Green Cell AD57AP power adapter/inverter Indoor 45 W Black

  • Green Cell AD57AP.
  • Purpose: Notebook
  • Power supply type: Indoor
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240 V
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Depth: 38 mm
  • Height: 27 mm
  • Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s)
  • Cables included: AC
  • Package type: Box

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Compatible with the following devices:

Dell Latitude P58G001, Dell Inspiron 14, Dell Inspiron 15, Dell XPS 12, Dell 04H6NV, Dell 4H6NV, Dell O4H6NV, Dell XPS 13, Dell Inspiron 11, Dell Inspiron 13, Dell Inspiron 17, Dell Latitude 3379, Dell Latitude 7202, Dell Latitude 7350, Dell Latitude P58G, Dell Latitude T03H, Dell Latitude T03H001, Dell Vostro 3459, Dell Vostro 3559, Dell Vostro 5459, Dell XPS P54G, Dell XPS P54G001, Dell XPS P54G002, Dell XPS T02H, Dell XPS T02H001, Dell 00285K, Dell 03RG0T, Dell 03RGOT, Dell 0CC0DT, Dell 0CCODT, Dell 0CDF57, Dell 0D0KFY, Dell 0DOKFY, Dell 0JT9DM, Dell 0KXTTW, Dell 0X9RG3, Dell 0YTFJC, Dell 3RG0T, Dell 3RGOT, Dell 492, Dell AA45NM131, Dell CC0DT, Dell CDF57, Dell D0KFY, Dell DA45NM131, Dell DA45NM140, Dell FA45NE1, Dell HA45NM140, Dell HK45NM140, Dell JT9DM, Dell KXTTW, Dell LA45NM121, Dell LA45NM131, Dell LA45NM140, Dell OCC0DT, Dell OCCODT, Dell OCDF57, Dell OD0KFY, Dell ODOKFY, Dell OJT9DM, Dell OKXTTW, Dell OX9RG3, Dell OYTFJC, Dell PA-1450, Dell PA, Dell X9RG3, Dell YTFJC

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