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Laptop Battery Green Cell for Fujitsu LifeBook A514 A544 A555 AH544 AH564 E547 E554 E733 E734 E743 E744 E746 E753 E754 S904

  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Cells manufacturer: Green Cell
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Number of cells: 6
  • Cells technology: Li-Ion
  • Colour: Black
  • Product code: FS31
  • Manufacturer: Green Cell
  • Capacity: 4400 mAh
  • Work time: from 2.5 up to 6h
  • Series: Standard

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Green Cell is a high-quality laptop battery dedicated to Fujitsu LifeBook A514 A544 A555 AH544 AH564 E547 E554 E733 E734 E743 E744 E746 E753 E754 S904. Technically advanced batteries that withstand the most rigorous quality control procedures. High-performance thanks to original Green Cell cells. Precise and verified compatibility lists ensure a perfect fit with a dedicated d, device.

Replaces the following parts: 

CP629458, CP629458-03, CP629460, CP633658-01, CP651527, CP651527-01, CP651529, CP651576-01, CP655594-01, CP655960-01, CP655961-01, CP656337-01, CP656339-01, CP656351-02, CP656422-01, CP671396, CP671398-01, CP673634-01, CP674738-01, CP689462-01, CP689463-01, CP700280-01, CP700281-01, CP700282-01, CP700283-01, CP700283-02, CP700633-01, CP701084-01, CP706313-01, CP706898-01, CP708751-01, CP708752-01, CP716939-01, CP716940-01, CP724461-01, CP753170-01, FPB0297S, FPB0298S, FPB0301S, FPB0311S, FPB0312S, FPB0313S, FPB0317S, FPB300S, FPCBP404, FPCBP404BK, FPCBP404BP, FPCBP404BQ, FPCBP405, FPCBP405BK, FPCBP405Z, FPCBP416, FPCBP421BK, FPCBP421BL, FPCBP422, FPCBP422BK, FPCBP422BL, FPCBP426, FPCBP429, FPCBP434, FPCBP443BK, FPCBP443BP, FPCBP471BP, FPCBP472DP, FPCBP491BK, FPCBP496BK, FPCBP505BK, FPCBP509BP, FPCBP526BP, S26391-F1246-E100, S26391-F1246-E200, S26391-F1246-L200, S26391-F1306-E100, S26391-F1306-L100, S26391-F1306-L200, S26391-F1316-E100, S26391-F1316-E110, S26391-F1316-E200, S26391-F1316-E200, S26391-F1316-E210, S26391-F1316-L200, S26391-F1386-E100, S26391-F1386-L100, S26391-F1506-E100, S26391-F1516-E100, S26391-F1556-E200, S26391-F1556-L200, S26391-F2138-L200, S26391-F2208-L200,

Compatible with the Following Devices:

Fujitsu LifeBook A544, Fujitsu LifeBook S904, Fujitsu LifeBook E557, Fujitsu LifeBook E556, Fujitsu LifeBook E554, Fujitsu LifeBook E756, Fujitsu LifeBook E754, Fujitsu LifeBook A514, Fujitsu LifeBook A555, Fujitsu LifeBook AH544, Fujitsu LifeBook AH564, Fujitsu LifeBook E753, Fujitsu LifeBook E734, Fujitsu LifeBook E544, Fujitsu LifeBook E546, Fujitsu LifeBook E547, Fujitsu LifeBook E746, Fujitsu LifeBook A357, Fujitsu LifeBook A557, Fujitsu LifeBook E733, Fujitsu LifeBook E736, Fujitsu LifeBook E743, Fujitsu LifeBook E744, Fujitsu LifeBook S937, Fujitsu LifeBook S938

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