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Newline Elara Interactive Panel

  • Newline Elara Interactive Panel
  • Enhanced Wifi 6 & Bluetooth 5.2
  • Broad Compatibility
  • 100 W Powered USB Type-C
  • High-Quality Sound incl. Subwoofer
  • Secure Multi-User Profiles
  • SDM-S Ready
  • Wide Range of Sizes 65″/75″/86″


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Most Powerful Allrounder

As the more powerful sister of Lyra, Elara really steals the show. This high-end display carries every experience you could want in your workspace; faster, enhanced sound, a superior touch and writing experience due to optical bonding, a modular camera and a built-in microphone making Elara a truly hybrid solution. The extra-wide viewing angle ensures everyone in the room can benefit from the crystal clear 4K image and vibrant colours. Elara has it all!

  • Antimicrobial coating to keep you safe
  • Embedded blue light filter to protect your eyes
  • Ready to use a hybrid solution
  • Ergonomically positioned menu keys
  • Personal user profiles
  • Compatible with any hardware and software, super easy to connect to

User Profile Settings

Home screen and carefully tailored settings can be saved for users, teams, or departments. Eliminate the hassle of device and user switching, no more logging into devices and customizing the screen for your session. Perfect for today’s flexible workspaces.

Proximity Sensor For An Eco-Friendly Workspace

Equipped with Proximity Sensor, the Newline Elara will power on/off automatically based on human presence in the room.

Redefine Clarity With Newline’S Certified Optical Bonding

By glueing the glass and the LED panel together, we can provide you with the widest viewing angle possible, no glare, more vibrant colours and a world-class touch and writing experience!

Plug and Play All The Way

Streaming your setup with fast and easy USB-C connection. Thanks to plug & play USB-C, your entire setup process requires plugging in one cable which transports data, audio, video and power. Connect and disconnect immediately or switch devices without any hassle just plug in and get straight to teaching. No more delays or troubleshooting!


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