Better Video Calls – 4 Handy Tips

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Better Video Calls – 4 Handy Tips

Thew new norm for most businesses these days is a lot of online video interaction on a daily basis. Whether it is staff working from home joining online meetings, client meetings, webinars or online presentations, the quality of the video calls is key to getting messages across.
Here is a few simple tips to ensure you get the most out of your online video interactions:

1. Invest in  Webcam
Built in web cams can leave you with a grainy, low-light look. It is better to invest in a webcam that you can set up and move depending on your needs. (there may be one lying around the house). An advantage of having a separate webcam, means that you can place it at an angle, this gives a more natural look than sitting square on staring down the lens of the laptop’s built in camera. If doing a presentation, the webcam can also be easily  moved and directed at whatever you want your audience to see.

2. Raise Your Camera
Raising your webcam, so that it is at eye level is a simple tip that allows better comfort and a more welcoming look to whoever is on the other end. As mentioned, with a separate webcam you can move and place the webcam to suit your needs. Obviously, built in webcams don’t have the same flexibility. By placing something under the laptop, you can achieve optimal height so that the camera is at eye level. Remember to use something stable, be sensible and safe.

3. Background
Ideally you should have a neutral background. Avoid sitting in front of objects that may be distracting to your audience. Turn off any back lights that may cause glare. Instead, a handy tip is to have a light in front. Even natural light from a window can have a positive effect. It will give a more healthy look to your viewership.

4. Sound
Good sound quality is important for any online calls. Make sure you are set up with a good quality microphone and speakers. An external webcam will have it’s own built in mic usually and is better than one built into a laptop. Headsets which come with a microphone are a good tool for online video chats. Most nowadays will have noise cancelling headphones which allows you to cancel out any unwanted  noise interference. Another good tip is to place the microphone on the headset away from the camera as to not mask your mouth when speaking on camera. And where possible, mute your mic when not speaking. Bluetooth Speakers are also a useful means to get the most out of video chats

As we move forward to a new way of communicating, make sure you have the right set up that is most comfortable and complimentary to you.

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