Considering Refurbished Tech? Here’s the Benefits

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Considering Refurbished Tech? Here’s the Benefits

Great deals don’t come along every day. Items, especially electronics, when sold at a lower price often come with a catch. This is what most people assume when they look at the price of a refurbished laptop.

However, there is a huge difference. 

Refurbished laptops are laptops that used to have a technical glitch that has since been restored by the manufacturer or seller. Since they’ve been used before being restored, they are priced much lower than brand-new laptops. 

The advantage of buying a refurbished product is that it’s taken through several quality control steps. Refurbished computers are tried and tested and have already stood the test of time. They then get the same care and consideration when going through the testing process for a second time. So while you feel that you may be compromising on buying a “dated” technology, you certainly won’t be compromising on quality.

While buying a refurbished product such as a laptop from a trusted source, you get many benefits that add to the overall value of a refurbished product.


Refurbished products are 100% functional. They also undergo rigorous testing before they are released into the market to be sold again. This means that a consumer gets the best quality product at a cheaper price.

In the case of laptops, the hard drive is wiped clean, the software is re-installed and the laptop is cleaned both internally and externally. 

Aside from minor aesthetic differences, it’s difficult to distinguish between a refurbished machine and a brand new one. They undergo a similar quality test as a brand new laptop would have and only after they pass the test, are they released to be sold in the market. 


When buying from GreenIT, all of our products come with a 12 month warranty. You may receive a 90 day guarantee from some resellers.  We provide that extra peace of mind with a yearlong warranty with an option to upgrade to 3 years.

Having a warranty period assigned to a refurbished product takes off the uncertainty that consumers associate buying a refurbished product with. This can only be the case when it has undergone testing and a thorough quality check.  If something does go wrong, which can even happen with a brand new product, once within the warranty period we provide support whereby a product can by replaced or repaired by one of our fully trained technicians.


This is perhaps the most obvious and attractive benefit of buying a refurbished product. Most companies, like Apple, have a no-questions-asked policy when it comes to their returns and returns if done within their set time frame. Apart from damaged products, these also end up being sold as refurbished products.

The fact that it was pre-owned, means it now has to go through testing before it can be sold again and that is done at a significantly lower price. While buying a refurbished product, not only does a consumer pay less, you also get better bang for your buck.

Ultimately, refurbished products are so cheap because of a single primary reason – it all has to do buyer mentality and perception. No one will pay more for a pre-owned refurbished product, and sellers and manufacturers know that.

By selling refurbished technology at a lower rate, sellers cut their losses short. They also provide various benefits to refurbished products, such as the ones listed above to ensure that customers get the best possible service and product. 

To see the benefits of buying refurbished, visit and judge for yourself.

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