Essential Guide to buying a Laptop/PC

Essential Guide For Buying Laptop PC Blog Post

Everyone more than likely has had or will have the headache of buying a laptop or PC at some point in their life. 

With the great variety of options and the complicated specifications can cause confusion and hardship when buying a new piece of tech.

This essential guide will go through all the bits and pieces you have to look out for when buying a laptop or PC.

If you follow these simple steps hopefully you will come out with exactly the computer you need for the price that makes sense for you.

There are a few incredibly important features you must look at when purchasing a Laptop or PC.


When buying a Laptop or PC brand is always an important when buying a computer. It is always best to buy from a known brand.

Most of our refurbished Laptops and PCs are big name computers from leading brands such HP, Dell and Lenovo, and then we will get Apple, Acer and other brands in periodically. 

These brands HP, Dell etc are large companies who make great computers. If you go off base and buy computers made by lesser known companies you can end up with issues such as build quality and other problems.

Our Top-quality brands will be the perfect choice for you when you are buying your laptop.

Essential Guide For Buying Laptop PC Blog Post


When people who don’t have a tech background hear processor their minds shut down and will think it is all above their heads.

But fear not, picking the correct processor is not as hard as it looks. The two main brands of Processors are Intel and AMD. 

Both are powerful brands and both available on our website. 

Intel’s most popular and most powerful processors are the core i3, core i5 and core i7. We have multiple laptops and PC’s with these processors which give a great performance, Such as our Dell Latitude E6420 with a powerful core i5 processor, now only €289. or our HP Elite 8100 SFF PC which also with the great i5 processor is a steal at €239.

We also have some products on the cheaper but still powerful Intel Dual Core processor. An example of this would be our HP Probook 6545 at €169.

We have a few great AMD powered products too. Such as our HP Probook 6475b which uses the great AMD A4 which currently is a great deal at €199.

When buying a laptop or PC, always consider the processor as it is an integral part of the computer. You will have to pay a small bit more for a better processor but in the end, it will be worth it.

Essential Guide For Buying Laptop PC Blog Post

3. Storage

Storage again is a vital part to consider when buying a computer. Depending on where the computer is being used and what it is being used for the storage needed will differ. 

Most of our laptops and computers will have a hard drive of 250GB, 320GB or 500GB. This storage is more than enough for the average person with 250GB being able to hold 60,000 songs or hold 25,000 pictures and the 320GB, 500GB holds more.

If this Storage isn’t enough, all products have an option to update your hard drive up to a massive 1TB.

Another option is to upgrade to the faster Solid-State drive. Having a SSD will speed up your computer astronomically. You can upgrade your computer to 240GB SSD for just €120.

Some of our products such as the extremely powerful Dell Latitude E6430 come with a 240GB SSD for a great price of €350.

Storage is always important but we have you covered at greenit, with great storage options and well-priced upgrades.

Essential Guide For Buying Laptop PC Blog Post


Random Access Memory(RAM) is also very important for your computer. This will along with the processor define the speed of your device.

The majority of our Laptops and PCs come with 4GB RAM. This is more than enough for the everyday user. 

Our bestseller the Dell Chromebook 11 has 4GB RAM and is extremely quick and powerful and is very popular with the public as well as schools.

As with the Storage, if you do want to add more speed to your system, you are able to upgrade to 8GB RAM for the reasonable price of €60. 

Some of our products such as the impressive HP Probook 645 G1 for only €299 come with 8GB RAM already installed.

RAM plays a vital role in your computer and therefore must be taken seriously, but with our great options you will have no issues.

Essential Guide For Buying Laptop PC Blog Post

5.Refurbished vs New

As stated in our previous blog Benefits of Buying Refurbished we believe that buying refurbished is the best option.

As you will read in that blog Refurbished products have great advantages. Such as Great savings, more performance for what you pay, the latest software, as good a warranty as new but a lot cheaper and you have the ability to update more often than if you buy new.

We have a great selection of refurbished Laptops and PCs, great and powerful computers which would suit almost anyone.

If you do not want to go refurbished we also have new Laptops and PCs also at great prices.

Essential Guide For Buying Laptop PC Blog Post

If you follow these few steps when buying a laptop or PC, you will not be disappointed with what you get.

GreenIT’s great selection of Laptops and PCs will hopefully contain all of your needs and you will get yourself the perfect computer.

Happy Shopping.

Cheers, Gavin

For more information: Contact [email protected] or Call 1890 815 699

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