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LocknCharge Carrier 10 Mobile Device Charging Station

  • Device Capacity: 10 mobile devices
  • Dimensions: 26.29” (H) x 16.54” (W) x 13.37” (L)
  • Weight: 44.1 lbs
  • Baskets: 14.56 x 9.22 x .96″
  • Racks: 18.7 x 11.61 x 1.34″
  • Portability: Includes Large Baskets to store and safely distribute mobile devices up to 13”
  • Heavy-duty, welded steel construction
  • Hardened keyed padlock
  • The period for charging will vary by device. All power outlets deliver standard US 110v power.
  • Power strips with 10-15 standard US 110V outlets.
  • Operates on a single standard 110V-120V 15 amp plug. No separate circuit is needed to power the unit.

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Charge, store, and secure 10 devices. Mount the Carrier Charging Station on a desk or wall to create a secure space for charging tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, MacBooks, laptops, and more.

Key Features

Wall or Desk Mountable
The Carrier Charging Station is designed to adapt to your surroundings. Transform any wall or counter into a secure area for charging mobile devices while taking up only minimal space.

Baskets by LocknCharge
Slotted device Baskets by LocknCharge make device deployments faster, safer, and more efficient.

Organized Cables and Hidden Bricks
Minimize cord chaos by keeping those gosh darn cables secure once and for all. Cables stay organized in the unique top channel, allowing you to plug in devices quickly after each use. Power bricks are stored in a separate compartment, making sure they don’t sprout legs and wander off.

Easy Cable Management
LocknCharge cable management has been simplified so that you can wire an entire Charging Station in minutes. Save time with set up and gain time using your Charging Station.

Save Time, Save Cheddar.
Our goal is to save you valuable time, each and every day, thus saving you some serious cheddar. Our Baskets enable hand-out and pack-up of devices in less time, allowing you to forget about charging and focus on your goals.

Perfect for Shared Use.
Not enough devices to go around? No problemo. You can now easily share mobile devices between rooms without a fuss. Simply grab a Basket or two of devices and transport them safely and easily to just about anywhere you want to go.

Product Benefits

Compatible & Efficient
Includes two or three large Baskets to hold devices up to 13” as well as a stainless steel device rack for storing devices up to 17” with or without cases.

Distribute devices upstairs or over rough terrain
Baskets by LocknCharge allow you to share and safely distribute devices between multiple locations within your facility. The Baskets are interchangeable with LocknCharge Carts that use the same Large Basket ecosystem.

Ultra Secure
Protect your device investment without worry. Lock away devices in the storage area with a padlock.

Future Proof Design
Think inside the box, and you won’t be stuck with a bunch of outdated charging stations. Removable racks and Baskets allow this station to adapt to future needs as devices change or new technology is added.

Small Footprint
Easily place the charging station on a counter or mount it to the wall. Either way, the Carrier Charging Station takes up minimal space.

Tough as Nails
Carrier Charging Stations are made with high-quality, welded steel and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Lock Included
This charging station comes with high quality, stainless steel padlock, and keys.

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