Cloudready – breath new life into your old machines

GreenIT in partnership with Neverware are delighted to bring Cloudready to the Irish market. This exciting product, backed by Google, makes it possible for old machines to get a new Chrome operating system. This operating system, which is based on the Google platform that we all know and love (Gmail, Google search engine, GDrive, Google Docs etc) gives new life to older and refurbished machines, thereby extending not only the lifespan of the machine but also your budget.

Cloudready screen







Why should a school use Cloudready?

  • Accelerating Adoption: If you’re already buying Chromebooks, chances are you have Windows computers left over from before you made the switch. CloudReady can convert those legacy machines so that your entire fleet can be unified under the Google Admin console.
  • Reviving Aging Machines: Over time, even the best PCs slow down. CloudReady replaces their aging operating systems and heavy local apps with something speedy and lightweight that won’t slow down over time.
  • Risk-free Exploration: Adopting any new technology always carries risks and uncertainties. CloudReady lets you experience the Google platform with no risk, no cost, and no need to get approval for hardware. Just download, install, and see for yourself.

If your school is interested in trying Cloudready, interested in getting some machines with Cloudready installed or just interested……contact us at [email protected] for more info.

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